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Paid Link Shortening
Affiliate CPA
E-Mail Marketing
Digital Products
Contextual Advertising
Online Dating
Link Locking
Incentive CPA
Content Locking
Electronic Cigarettes


CPM (Cost-per-mille)
CPI (Cost-per-impression)
CPS (Cost-per-sale)
CPC (Cost-per-click)
CPA (Cost-per-action)
CPL (Cost-per-lead)
CPV (Cost-per-view)
PPI (Pay-per-install)
PPD (Pay-per-download)
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CategoriesBanners, Affiliate CPA, Paid Link Shortening, Incentive CPA, Link Locking, Content Locking
Payment ModelsCPA (Cost-per-action), CPL (Cost-per-lead), CPS (Cost-per-sale), PPD (Pay-per-download), PPI (Pay-per-install)
Minimum Payment$50 by PayPal, $250 by Wire, $250 by ACH, $50 by Payoneer, $100 by WebMoney, $100 by ePayService
Payment FrequencyNET-15 (Default)
Payment MethodsPayPal, Wire (Bank Transfer), ACH (Direct Deposit inside the USA), Payoneer, WebMoney, ePayService
Mgcash Media provides monetization solutions for content owners, publishers and advertisers worldwide, empowering digital businesses to make more revenue from content, web & mobile traffic, display ads, and search.

  • High Approval Rate and Built-in Performance Bonuses.
  • Monetize Your Traffic More Effectively With Innovative Marketing Tools.
  • Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Tips That Allow Affiliates to Extract Greater Revenue From Their Traffic.
  • Top Exclusive Offers from Direct Advertiser Relationships.
  • International Campaigns Spanning Over 180 Countries.

  • Content Locker: MGCash has a superior content locking gateway that is completely customizable and innovative! Generate earnings for each user that unlocks your premium content!
  • File / Link Locker: Mgcash's file gateway allows you to monetize download links (or other links), and password-protected files or content.
  • Mobile Content Locker + Mobile PopUp: This content locking technology automatically detects your user's device/location and displays relevant campaigns for maximized revenue. Easily monetize any mobile traffic for any platform: iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS!
  • SoundCloud Locker: The Innovative Way to Monetize Your Music Online! Sell Your Digital Music. Sell Direct to Fans. Designed for Musical Artist, Bands and Labels. Cut out the middle man and make more money. Simple. SoundCloud Monetization - Make Money From Your Music!
  • Pre-Hosted Landings: Easy to use Pre-Made landing pages with MGCash Locker inside. This will help you start making money right away, without any hosting costs nor your efforts on building new Landing Pages and setting it all up by yourself!
  • Url Shrinker: The #1 Link Shortening Tool for Affiliates & Marketers. Monetize every single link you share. You can now monetize traffic coming from your website, blogs, social profiles, app, printed flyer, emails, SMS and more.
  • Youtube Monetizer: Mgcash Youtube Monetizer is revolutionary new way to monetize Youtube. Transform any description link into short link automatically and earn additional revenue when people click on them and see the advertisement page.
  • Mgcash Overlay API: Use the Mgcash In Game/App/Software Overlay API to make money from advertising with every software, gameplay or service, no matter where it goes on the web.
  • Display Ads: Mgcash Display Ads Maximise your visibility! Mgcash Media provides various innovative ad formats that empower you to fulfill your digital marketing objectives.
  • Super URL: Global traffic monetization tool with a single URL. Super URLs are URLs that will automatically redirect visitors to the best converting offer.
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