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Paid Link Shortening
Affiliate CPA
E-Mail Marketing
Digital Products
Contextual Advertising
Online Dating
Link Locking
Incentive CPA
Content Locking
Electronic Cigarettes


CPM (Cost-per-mille)
CPI (Cost-per-impression)
CPS (Cost-per-sale)
CPC (Cost-per-click)
CPA (Cost-per-action)
CPL (Cost-per-lead)
CPV (Cost-per-view)
PPI (Pay-per-install)
PPD (Pay-per-download)
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CategoriesAffiliate CPA, Banners, Content Locking, Incentive CPA, Link Locking
Payment ModelsCPA (Cost-per-action), CPL (Cost-per-lead), CPS (Cost-per-sale), PPD (Pay-per-download), PPI (Pay-per-install)
Minimum Payment$50 by PayPal, $100 (USA) or $125 (Outside USA) by Check, $500 by Wire, $100 by ACH, $50 by Payoneer
Payment FrequencyNET-30
Payment MethodsPayPal, Check, Wire (Bank Transfer), ACH (Direct Deposit inside the USA), Payoneer
Join A Growing Platform of 30,000 Publishers Who Have Been Paid Over $50 Million.
  • Monetize Your Users with Virtual Rewards and Keep Them Coming Back Daily: an Offer Wall enables you to deploy a complete rewards-based monetization solution on your site or app in minutes. Create a new revenue stream by giving users the power to earn your virtual rewards by completing offers, watching videos, installing iOS/Android apps, completing surveys, and more from our leading advertisers.
  • Generate Revenue from your Downloadable Files, eBooks, Videos, Articles and Virtually any Digital Content: AdscendMedia's content locking solutions create a new and significant revenue stream to monetize your premium content. Users engage with a quick ad-sponsored offer to access your content. You generate revenue from every single user who accesses your content. It's that simple.
  • Turbo-Charge your Premium Content Earnings with Mobile Video: Monetize your mobile articles, e books, links, or other premium content within minutes. AdscendMedia's game-changing Mobile Video Locker presents a 15-30 second high quality mobile app trailer to mobile users as they access your premium content. Upon viewing one of these short videos, your users can choose to download the app for free, or simply continue on to your premium content. You generate revenue for every app that your users install!
  • Unparalleled Inventory + Dedicated Support: AdscendMedia's intuitive proprietary dashboard makes it easy to find the offer you’re looking for from our vetted 2,000+ offer inventory. Combine that with no hassle payments and unmatched dedicated support, and you have one of the highest-rated affiliate marketing platforms in the world for 4+ years in a row!

  • Global Monetization: AdscendMedia's global base of advertisers ensures you maximum revenue, regardless of the country of your users.
  • Account Management: As a partner, AdscendMedia's expert account management team is standing by to help you succeed.
  • On-Time Payments: Rest easy knowing AdscendMedia has paid publishers on time, every time since their inception.
  • Seamless Integration: Deploy AdscendMedia's easy-to-install solutions on your website or mobile app within minutes.
  • Customization: Control the look and feel of AdscendMedia's solutions to enrich your users' experiences.
  • Statistics and Reporting: AdscendMedia's dashboard provides straight-forward reporting with actionable statistics to analyze and optimize your results in real-time.
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