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CPM (Cost-per-mille)
CPI (Cost-per-impression)
CPS (Cost-per-sale)
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CPA (Cost-per-action)
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Qpid Affiliate

CategoriesAffiliate CPA, Banners, E-Mail Marketing, Online Dating
Payment ModelsCPS (Cost-per-sale), CPA (Cost-per-action), CPL (Cost-per-lead)
Minimum Payment$50
Payment FrequencyMonthly
Payment MethodsPayPal, Wire (Bank Transfer), Check, Paxum

Join Qpid Affiliate and Earn Money Today!

Qpid Network is a leading international dating and relationships service platform. Through the latest innovations in online dating technology, Qpid Affiliates provides the BEST all-inclusive dating and marriage solutions for gentlemen around the world hoping to find their true love in China, Southeast Asia, Russia and Ukraine.

Everyday, Qpid Network's member sites, and, win critical acclaim for an outstanding array of high quality services, including dating and relationship guidance, gifts and flowers delivery, visa and travel management as well as translation and interpretation. Qpid Network connects the global village!
  • Pay Per Sale: If the members you acquire place first orders, you will receive a certain percentage of that order as commission regardless of the price of the order. You can even take 100% of the 50th and its following first orders!

    The number of your first orders in a month: percentage of the orders as your commissions
    The 1st-9th first orders: 60%
    The 10th-49th first orders: 80%
    The 50th and the following first orders: 100%
  • Pay Per Action: The Pay Per Action program issues your commission based on the number of referred paid members. Regardless of the actual order size, the more paid members you bring, the more higher payout you could get.

    The number of your paid members in a month: Payout per paid member
    The 1st-9th paid members: $150
    The 10th-49th paid members: $185
    The 50th and its following paid members: $300
  • Pay Per Lead: Your commission depends on the amount of valid members (as the leads to be paid) you acquire. Each offer containing certain conditions is bound with a certain fixed payout.
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